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High Risk CC Processor for Vitamins Herbal Products Weight Loss Sexual Stimulants Energy & Diet, health and beauty products skin treatments

Easy and reliable merchant accounts for nutraceutical businesses

There are many businesses in the nutraceutical and health and wellness category that operate through online stores. This is a rapidly growing industry. For weight loss or weight gain, and for numerous other health concerns, people now rely on supplements. But running a business that sells these products might not be easy if you do not have a reliable merchant account. If you face a lot of difficulty in opening a merchant account or if your merchant account provider shuts you out when a risky situation occurs when your business might be in a big trouble. To tackle all of this it would be a good idea to look for a reliable high-risk merchant account provider backed up by multiple underwriting banks.

Online as well as offline stores in the nutraceutical industry face troubles

When we talk about nutraceutical industry we cover weight loss and gain supplements, sexual stimulants, energy and diet, health and beauty products as well as skin treatments. All of these businesses involve orders of diverse varieties and sizes. Be it a small order or a big one most online transactions are made through credit cards. The payment might also occur through Visa/Mastercard/Discover/Amex and other ways. Accepting such diverse modes of payments would attract more customers. And in most cases, the order is placed only after the payments are made. So online businesses involve getting the payment before the order delivery is complete. This means that you would also have to have a refund policy. Cancellation of an order can happen at any point and this would require the business to refund the customer his money.

Online transactions and the payment processing should happen through secure terminals. Otherwise, there is also the risk of fraudulent transactions.

Be it during a cancellation and subsequent refund or during fraudulent transactions, there are huge chargebacks involved. A traditional merchant account would not cover you in such cases. So you definitely would need a high-risk merchant account that can be trusted.

Denied or shutoff by banks and merchant providers

The profits of the products in the nutraceutical industry are based on the effectiveness of those products. There is no guarantee that a product that works perfectly for one customer would also show similar results in another customer. If the customer is not satisfied with the product then they might initiate refunds. There are also several of these businesses that run subscription services. For such services, the payments are made well ahead. They are made months in advance and the products are supplied on a regular basis. So anywhere in the lane, the subscription might be canceled and the business would have to refund the customer’s amount.

There have been numerous cases of large chargebacks becoming a nightmare for the merchant provider in this industry. And this history has led to the generalization of the fact and has pushed the businesses that fall into this category to the high-risk business category.

If you apply for a merchant account with any of the popular merchant providers there is the chance of your request being rejected as well as the risk of higher fees, rates as well as unexpectedly long processing times. But with a high-risk merchant, all such limitations are removed. You would be able to avail the flexible services offered along with the benefits of

  • High approval rates

  • Quick processing times

  • Easy ACH Processing/Check Processing facilities

  • Secure virtual terminal setup assistance

  • Ability to handle recurring billing

Convenient and easy to manage iPhone/Droid Mobile Apps and many other benefits all with the added advantage of having no application fees.

So why would you still have to be discouraged by being shutoff by banks and other merchant providers when you have a hassle-free option at hand!

Startup/new business OK merchants are rare to find

Most merchant accounts consider Startup/Business with a little track record to be risky cases. Opening a merchant account for these might be difficult with the banks and the Rates Vary by Startup vs History of the business. So high-risk merchant accounts cater to the needs of such businesses as well. Even if there is a new e-commerce website selling health supplements and if the business has no credit performance to track the high-risk merchant would still be able to provide a robust merchant account for timely transactions. Without such an account business would not be able to deliver flexible refund policies. Without these policies, customers would be dissatisfied. Customer dissatisfaction is definitely not something that any new business would need. So choosing a high-risk merchant account would make the business all to handle all types of financial transactions. And the best part is that these accounts are flexible and scalable. So they can grow the business and can also be designed to suit the types of payments accepted.

Offshore and onshore accounts

Some businesses choose to open both offshore and domestic merchant accounts. Some prefer sticking with either of them. The key is to learn to balance the options so as to reap the benefits of both types of accounts. With most high-risk merchants you get to choose whether you need a domestic account or an offshore account. Offshore accounts are often considered to be the more expensive ones. And there is also the misconception that they are very difficult to manage. But if you choose the right merchant provider, then your work gets simpler. Offshore accounts would not be bound by the strict legislation that you might have in your region regarding the merchant accounts for businesses. And you would also be able to accept global customers when you have a dependable offshore account. If you currently own a small business and would like to keep it small then a normal domestic high-risk merchant account would be sufficient in most cases. These are simpler to open, come with more flexible pricing terms and are present in the region where you operate. This gives you the confidence that is very much required. So both the options should be considered before you take your pick.

Possible High Risk Accounts

  • Online Gambling
  • Discount Clubs
  • Jewelry Sales
  • Memberships

  • Debt Consolidation
  • Computer Software
  • Computer Hardware
  • ISP/E-mail Services

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Herbal Products
  • Off Shore Accounts
  • Alcohol

  • High Volume Merchants
  • Magazines Subscriptions
  • Travel Companies
  • Third Party Merchant

  • Dating Services
  • Adult Membership
  • Mail Order Call Center
  • Telemarketing

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