Mail Order Pharmacy Process CC Merchant Account Services

Mail Order Pharmacy Process CC Payments

Web-based and start-up businesses with little or no credit card processing history are considered high risk. In addition, certain accounts that process large volumes, such as a pharmacy merchant account, have a history of a high chargeback ratio. At High Risk Credit Card, we understand that this is a qualifying term and not a reflection on the business itself. For that reason, we provide solutions to make it feasible to enjoy the benefits of a conventional pharmacy, including handling credit and debit card transactions.

Secure and Reliable Merchant Services

In order to provide pharmaceutical services online, you must establish a merchant account. However, pharmacy merchant accounts are classified as risky because of their high volume of sales. The success of every online and established business is dependent upon their capacity to process credit card payments. At High Risk Credit Card, we specialize in working with firms just like yours. We can help you get your online payment processing account started so that your pharmacy can start accepting online payments.

Adequate payment capabilities provide efficient methods for improving profitability. When it comes to payment optimization, we present solutions for obtaining and sustaining secure and reliable maximum benefits, including:

  • Easy Setup
  • Flexible
  • Safe Transactions
  • Convenient and Accessible
  • International Merchants
  • Multi-Currency Accounts
  • No Volume Caps
  • No Processing History
  • Bad Credit History
  • Virtual Terminal Access

High Risk Merchant Account Features

Legitimacy, credibility, and transparency are possible with the technological support that we provide to you. In fact, we have been providing online pharmacies with merchant account services for many years. At High Risk Credit Card, our services feature:

  1. A 99.9 percent approval rate. We give you the competitive advantage by approving nearly 100 percent of all applications. Approval means your business gains the credibility required to ensure that yours stands out from the rest.
  2. The ability to accept all major credit cards. Once approved, you can process transactions that use all of the major credit and ATM debit cards. We provide you with the technology to accept credit card payments for domestic and offshore companies at affordable rates.
  3. A simplified application. Your pharmacy merchant account setup is easy with our simplified online form. You can begin processing credit card payments online sooner than you expected.

Apply for a Pharmacy Merchant Account Today

At High Risk Credit Card, we can get the best deal in the industry for your business because we concentrate on extending the processor-direct pricing to you. Call us today at to chat with one of our friendly professionals. We can answer questions, provide solutions, and help you set up an account to address the needs of your pharmacy merchant accounts.