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Shopping Networks Welcome

Do you have a shopping network or some sort of membership club that has reoccurring billing on a monthly basis? Highriskcc is in the business of approving and setting up membership clubs with high volume and chargebacks below 3.5%.  Do you currently operate or own any one of these types of businesses?  If so you should always be on the lookout for additional merchant accounts in order to provide reassurance if one of your MID’s goes down that you have a backup in place ready to move forward.

Re-ocurring billing also has issues due to clients trying to chargeback after a monthly bill has gone through and maybe their money is tight and just did not want to pay for the service or the other many other reasons that are possible which make chargebacks happen on a monthly basis, this is a reason why you will and do need a back up merchant account even if your membership network currently has a merchant account in good standing currently.

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Web Cam

Web cam and Adult are great sites to have and monetize very effectively if marketed correctly.  These accounts have chargebacks in the range of 1.5-3% monthly from the data that we have compiled from all the dating websites that we have been able to work with through the years and this leads them to held funds and closure of accounts if not set up with the right provider that is able to sustain these types of ratios for periods of time.  Ideally V/MC would like you to be under 1.5% by todays standards but the reality is that if you are running special promotions or any other gimmicks to get customers to your site, chargebacks are part of the process.  You need to team up with a processing partner who understands this business and is able to keep your account up even if you have a month when you may cross the 1.5% line, which will inevitably happen at some point.


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Adult, Streaming and Online Dating Sites

If you have adult sites with multiple merchant accounts you are always in the market to get additional processing banks on your side.

It doesn’t matter how many mid’s you currently have or what banks you are currently working with, if you are need of an additional account we can entertain your

ambitions and allow you to process more volume as long as you have chargebacks below the 3-4% range on a monthly basis…If you are shooting over 5% monthly

it will be difficult to obtain the types of accounts that you are looking for without major reserves and a high percentage rate, but with that said they are still attainable.

Our accounts are set up with the long term and big picture in mind, we realize that you have spent a great deal of time and effort building these sites to the point where they are

generating solid revenue and we want to ensure that we keep them that way and you keep flowing upstream.  Working with every bank domestically and every channel obtainable in

the industry we can ensure that we will get you what you are looking for in a short amount of time.  If you have additional questions or would like to speak with one of our

representatives please get in touch with us today to move this forward.


We look forward to working with you soon!



Nutra Products

If you have a website that sells weight loss products or any other type of nutra product with a negative option or continuity or both that is about as high risk as you can

get from an underwriters perspective.  Most clients want to try the product for the $2.99 or $1.99 but then when they don’t obtain instant results and you charge them the first full month

for the product clients have a tendency to have buyers remorse and chargeback or discontinue service which results in a refund of some kind.  Refunds, when you have a ton of them

isn’t that much better then having not so many chargebacks in the eyes of the bank because what they are seeing is that you are trying to get away with selling a bogus product, when

that is not the case in most instances.  As a processor we appreciate and understand this type of business model and look forward to helping our clients work through these types of issues that most banks don’t want to deal with on a daily basis.  Having a processor that knows what to expect going into a relationship like this is extremely important and if you are currently working with a bank that is calling you every other month about chargeback or refund issues it is in your best interest to start looking at other options as the end may be in site at that bank.


If you are in the process of building one of these sites or have an existing site that needs additional MIDS then give the team at highriskcc a call today!


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Running Continuity Programs?

If you are running a membership site or a shopping network site, auto rewards or anything with a re-ocurring fee and 1 time up front type sales we are interested!

We love shopping networks and club type memberships where the members get exclusive benefits or earn points by shopping in their exclusive  stores and website

networks.  Most customers who purchase these types of memberships stay involved an average of 3-6 months so as long as you have a call center with a steady stream of clients coming in the doors

you will have a successful enterprise.  One of the keys to this running smoothly since there will be clients that are either not happy or not interested to participate after a few months and chargeback ratios

may be high any one month, is to have multiple domestic merchant accounts.  Highriskcc can get you set up with 5-6 different accounts all with high chargeback thresholds so that you can max out your monthly volume and never worry about getting shut down or being in a situation where you don’t have a place to run your transactions.

Multiple mids is the key to flowing consistantly every month and putting your money where it belongs…..in your bank account!

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New Year-New Rates-Fast Approvals

If you are a high risk merchant in the nutra business or providing services that are considered high risk, start the new year off right

and get a  newly minted lower cost merchant account with a solid foundation built to last.  Working with Harris and Deutsche Bank

exclusively we can provide multiple mids all controlled through our proprietary gateway that has a chargeback threshold up to 5% per month.

Now you don’t want to have a 5% chargeback ratio every month, but if you have one of those months you will still be in good shape and

can process the month after and the month after that…

Being able to underwrite deals in house allows us the flexibility to get fast results with realistic expectations.  Out of the gate we will max out

the volume and high ticket capabilities, so that you can get to work and have the peace of mind you will get your money at the end of the day

and the processor wont be keeping it just in case you might have issues in the future.


If you are looking for a long term solution that provides flexibility for your business give us a call today.

Make 2015 a huge success!


Tech Support is Live Again

If you are a US Based or have the very least an office based in the US we can get you up and going for tech support. Once a dead duck is now live again…Let us know if we can help you out!!

Minimum requirement for this is at least $100,000 in monthly volume with a decent chargeback ratio with rates starting at 3.49%


Merchants Take Control and Can Now Earn Rewards Based on Transactions Received, Lead by Chase Harmer

It has occurred to those in the acquiring industry that every time a customer uses their rewards card they are able to receive a direct benefit from their card issuer in regard to some sort of incentive, this can be in the form of cash back, rewards, travel, massage or other incentives to drive customer spending. As a retail or e-commerce merchant those charges are absorbed through monthly fees paid to the card companies so they can turn around and give the customer what they want through the hard work and dedication of the merchant. The majority of merchants are not aware why some of these card fees are so high, so here is the truth.

The merchant pays for the rewards.

In order for the issuing card banks to issue their rewards and all their cash incentives to their customers they must pay that money out their customers. The issuing card banks do not want to pay out those fees, so the only solution is to charge more for those cards to the merchants who accept them, thus creating a way for the card companies to give the customers what they want; so the customers spends more and the card companies never have to pay out a dime, since the merchant is the one responsible to pay for those expenses.

As a business owner margins are already tight to begin with and if the merchant has to pay an extra 1.5% because Customer A wants a purse bought with a reward card, those extra fees being paid by the merchant is the incentive that the issuing card bank promised that consumer. In the end, the issuing card bank is still making fees on the customer through interest that they are charging and then they give the customer the “rewards” that they offer them through the merchant fees they collect from the merchant. So essentially they are making money from both sides and there is zero down side for card companies.

For the executives at Visa and Master Card, that is what they like to call a “win-win.”

MLS Hotel has designed a program that will allow all merchants whether big or small to collect and receive rewards based on every single transaction that they accept throughout their cash register or terminal. These rewards include everything from vacations, playoff tickets, plane tickets, watches, jewelry and many more items. This program is putting the power of the “rewards” back into the merchants pocketbook and officially launches September 1st.

Remember being a merchant is not for charity, this is a business. Lets make sure that businesses continues to thrive, but puts the merchant in a position to reap the “rewards” and cash incentive bonuses of success.

For more informant on this program and how to enroll businesses should contact MLS Hotel with all the information provided to the right of the article or visit, http://www.mlshotel.com


Chargeback Protection and Mitigation

To help highriskcc clients preserve their merchant accounts Fraudblaster was formed, lead by veteran merchant services rep Chase Harmer.
Fraud Blaster Alerts is the first service Fraud Blaster rolled to its network of major card issuers and leading online merchants in sectors from merchandising, electronics, airline, travel, ticketing, gaming and more. Fraud Blaster’s unprecedented direct-from-source card issuer data is used by merchants to stop the fulfillment of goods and services tied to fraudulent accounts on orders they are actively processing. Fraud Blaster Alerts significantly reduces the time it takes for merchants to be alerted of bank-confirmed fraud from the current three to six weeks, to mere minutes, hours or days!

Thousands of times a day, card issuers and merchants identify fraudulent and/or suspicious transactions that have gone undetected by the other party, resulting in fraud losses and chargeback costs to both. Fraud Blaster closes the information gap between the card issuers and merchants, making this valuable information securely available in real-time.


Avoid the financial loss by stopping the fulfillment on goods and services on orders you’ve already accepted and currently processing.

Avoid the entire chargeback process. No chargebacks. No chargeback fees. No chargeback processing costs!

Dramatically improve the productivity of your manual review team by quickly canceling those orders confirmed by the cardholder as fraud.

Be alerted to fraud attacks sooner, thereby lessoning the financial impact of the overall attack.

Improve your fraud screening by incorporating cardholder-confirmed fraud much sooner in your fraud tables.

Improve the cardholder/customer experience.
Protect your brand


How Debit Card Processing Works

You’re familiar with the basics—you walk up to an automated teller machine, insert your card, punch in your PIN, ask for cash and (provided you have some in your account) you get your money. On the other hand, perhaps you don’t have any cash in your wallet and you want to make a purchase. So long as you’ve got the cash in your account, you’re good to go. You swipe your card at the terminal just like a credit card, maybe enter your PIN, and the purchase is made. It all seems very easy, but what is the debit card payment process? How does the transaction go from point of sale to your bank and back?

Two Forms of Payment Process

There are two forms of debit card payment process. These are the offline, signature-based process, and the online, PIN-based process.

Offline cards have to be branded as VISA or MasterCard, and are processed in a similar manner to credit cards. That is, the vendor’s equipment connects to a payment network, sends the request from the card, and waits while the network performs a series of tests to ensure that the card is not authorized for use, frozen, over the limit (or overdrawn, in the case of the debit card). This whole process generally only takes a few seconds. If the request is approved, you will sign the receipt, at which point the vendor puts the request into a payment batch and goes through a settlement process at the close of the business day to get the money. This can take 48 to 72 hours.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

For the online debit card payment process, you will swipe your card and be asked to enter your PIN, which substitutes for your signature. In many cases, you will in this type of transaction have the option to get cash back. Since you have used your PIN, by the time the sales information gets to your financial institution, the transaction itself is already authorized by you, so no authorization check is performed. Similar to the offline method, the connection and communication with the network takes mere seconds to perform. As long as there is enough money to cover the sale in your account, the transaction will be approved. Unlike the offline method, your checking account will immediately be debited—there is no waiting period for processing, and funds are transferred instantly from your account to the vendor’s.

Trust the experts at HighRiskCC to help you get the right solution. For over 20 years, we have specialized in offshore, credit-challenged, and hard to place merchant solutions for businesses that have high risk potential and high volume. Contact us today.