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High Volume Credit Card Processing

High volume processing occurs when businesses process a large number of credit card payments at one time on a recurring basis. Many companies that take electronic payments are frequently oblivious to the fact that their processing capacity categorizes them as high risk. In fact, new business are considered high risk, as are those with past business histories of chargebacks, returns, and variation in revenue.

When it comes to high volume credit card processing solutions, at High Risk Credit Card we help you remain competitive with others in the industry. The capacity to process credit card transactions is vital to generate sales and increase revenues. With our secure payment services, we guarantee that processes are protected and simplified. The simpler it is for consumers to spend money safely, the more likely they are to spend money on the services and products that you offer. Choosing our services to process your high volume credit card transactions enable you to sell with confidence.

Merchant Account Solutions

At High Risk Credit Card, we understand the concerns that high volume merchants have when accepting diverse payment types. These concerns are especially evident when attempting to establish a merchant account and secure a competitive rate.

Our services are designed to be uncomplicated with minimal fees to mitigate your risks. This approach to high volume credit card processing means that you can process considerable amounts of credit card transactions on a daily basis both safely and efficiently. Program features include:

  • Free account setup
  • Secure credit card processing using SSL technology
  • Dedicated technology and customer support
  • PCI compliant transaction and storage
  • Easy reporting and faster payment methods

Key Advantages

If your volume is so high that one merchant account is not enough to support processing, then we can help you establish various merchant accounts to make up the difference. Supporting merchant accounts at the same acquiring bank or in another jurisdiction enables you to obtain more solutions for your business needs. Expanding your options increases your bottom line. Key advantages incorporate the following benefits:

    1. Streamlining your checkout process. Process online transactions quickly and in real time.
    2. Complying with industry standards to safeguard confidential information. Maintain all of your purchases in a secure and encrypted environment.
    3. Boosting sales by accepting all of the major credit and debit cards. Absence of monthly caps on your merchant accounts ensures high volume processing capabilities.

Let Us Help You Today

At High Risk Credit Card, we are excited to provide you with efficient and cost-effective solutions for your high volume processing. With our guidance, your sales figures can grow and you can focus on other aspects of your firm. For more details about our high volume credit card processing solutions, call us today at .