Best High Risk CC Processing

Best High Risk CC Processor for Visa & Mastercard

High Risk Credit Cards wants to ensure that you can start processing credit cards quickly and painlessly. Unlike some companies, we don’t like to drag out the approval process for high risk companies. That’s why we make sure that within 2 business days of approval, your business can start accepting credit cards and receiving payment.

At HRCC, we aim to help your business get start processing credit cards as soon as possible.

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We offer high volume credit card processing solutions for internet and traditional merchants who process a large amount of credit card transactions. Additionally, we can arrange high volume batch processing merchant accounts for businesses that process all of their credit card transactions at one time or on a recurring basis.

  • - Property management companies that process rent payments
  • - Health clubs and gyms that charge a recurring membership fee
  • - Subscription billing services like magazines
  • - Product of the month clubs that use recurring bill on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis
  • - Internet marketers that have large swings in credit card processing volume

Accepting credit cards via a pharmacy merchant account can increase a pharmacy’s sales potential by 75 million customers in the U.S. alone. Analysts in the field of internet pharmacy credit card processing estimate that 9 out of 10 people prefer to use a credit card for their online pharmacy orders. Accepting credit cards with a pharmacy credit card processing account will increase your pharmacy sales!

An adult merchant account is the key to accepting credit cards for adult merchandise. Without a verified adult merchant account for an internet adult site or adult product retail sales, it’s very hard to compete. We provide both domestic and offshore adult credit card processing for adult sites and products. Contact us to apply for your own adult merchant account!

Get Credit Card Processing Solutions with Replica Merchant Account
If you are considering opening a web-based store to sell replica products online, you need help setting up a replica merchant’s account. A replica merchant account is a type of online merchant account that will let your online store accept online credit and debit card payments. Setting up an internet replica merchant account is one of the easiest ways to expand your e-commerce business worldwide. Internet merchant accounts offer a wide range of advantages. They enable your online store to accept major credit cards (like MasterCard, Visa, etc.), as well as various currencies. These services will make your online store available to customers from different parts of the world.

In this day of high speed communication and networking, credit card processing services have developed a high risk credit card processing program for just about every type of legal business. One can be located almost anywhere in the world and obtain credit card processing services for a casino merchant account, for example. What sets high risk businesses apart from others is the high volume sales, charge-backs, and the potential risks factors involved.

Online casino merchant accounts provide an easy way for business owners everywhere to improve their business and get cost effective credit card processing solutions. With gaming merchant accounts, business owners do not have to wait for payments. They also get additional payment options with these services. Customers find it very convenient to pay with credit or debit cards, so being able to process those transactions helps improve your cash flow.

We provide offshore merchant accounts. Set up a UK merchant account for European credit card processing. Offshore merchant services and offshore credit card processing is available for offshore merchant account processing. We can provide off shore merchant accounts in 29 different countries, so your options aren’t limited. We can also set up Canadian merchant accounts with very low rates.

Let High Risk CC Processing help you with your merchant account and credit card processing needs today!

We will help you through the application, setup, and integration processes until you are able to accept credit card payments for your business. We work with all types of clients, including:

  • Gaming Merchant Accounts
  • Coaching Programs
  • Replica Products
  • High Volume Merchants
  • Third Party Merchant Accounts
  • Travel Merchant Accounts
  • Telemarketing Merchant Accounts
  • Offshore Merchant Services
  • ACH Debits/Processing
  • Online Check Processing
  • Internet Credit Card Processing
  • Internet Cash Payments
  • Adult Streaming Video Sites
  • Adult Products E-Stores
  • Adult Dating Merchant Accounts
  • Adult Membership Sites