High Risk CC Merchant Account Services

High Risk Merchant Account Services

Experts agree that having the capability to process credit card transactions not only enhances sales, but is also the key to being a successful online business. All companies warrant the benefits of accepting credit cards, whether they find themselves in a high-risk category or not. At High Risk Credit Card, we can provide secure and convenient credit card processing for your high risk merchant service at reasonable rates to an extensive range of high-risk vendors. In fact, we can approve terminated merchants, high volume businesses, and adult programs.
When a business offer credit card payment as an option, customers tend to make impulse purchases, sign up for loyalty programs, spend more per purchase, and trust the company more. When you trust High Risk Credit Card, we provide you with competitive rates, high levels of encryptions and security, quick support and response time, and simplified approval and set up.

High-Risk Business Types

Are you a high–risk merchant? In the world of credit card processing, some business types and industries are considered high-risk. Categorization as a high-risk merchant has little to do with the essence of your enterprise or your character as an owner. Rather, it is about your industry, the behavior of your customers, and other practical considerations. For instance, one provider might regard you as high-risk while another might not. Types of high risk merchant account services include:

  • Adult Programs
  • Casinos and Online Gambling
  • Internet Start-up Companies
  • Coaching Programs
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • High Volume Merchants
  • Travel Companies
  • Third party Merchants
  • Memberships and Magazine Subscriptions
  • Dating Services

High Risk Guidelines

We specialize in helping business industries that others consider too risky to take on. A number of reasons explain why a provider views industries as risky. It can have to do with a high instance of chargebacks, fraud, or volume. It might be that another institution terminated you, international markets sales increased, or your customers frequently return items. Regardless, we ensure your ability to accept credit cards.

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At High Risk Credit Card, we are dedicated to providing merchant accounts that will benefit your business for long-term growth potential. We are leaders in the high risk merchant services industry. Our qualified representatives can guide and support you through all of the phases of the application process, from setting up your account to daily reports and monitoring. Our commitment is providing you with solutions to allow you to focus on business development rather than credit card transactions. Call us today at to hear more about our programs. With over 99 percent account approvals, we can find a solution to help you.