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High Risk CC Processor for PC Technical Support Computer Repair Virus Removal

Merchant Account for PC Technical Support / Computer Repair / Virus Removal

There is one thing that you need to make sure when you are moving from the brick and mortar store to an e-commerce store. And that is the need for a merchant account. You will need a merchant account for sure and you cannot operate any website without having a merchant account. If you want to keep your business alive then a merchant account is a must.

The merchant account is important because it lets you accept online payments through credit cards on the virtual terminal. This is an account that is temporary in which the money that is transacted is credited before it gets deposited into your bank account. The merchant account can be got from a traditional bank or from a merchant service provider.

PC technical support is a high-risk business

A merchant who sells his devices or products online is an online merchant. He buys merchandises and manages the invoices as well as send emails and ships orders.

When everything goes online, then more and more customers would come to your website to shop for services from you. It is true that your business will benefit from its online presence. Online presence helps to the increasing customer base and also avoids lots of cost in running a land store.

But if you want to run your business online then you need a merchant account which is a necessity. There is no denying that.

The high-risk processor will approve of your business

PC technical support and computer repairs are considered to be a high-risk business in the merchant service providers industry. Therefore it can be really challenging to find a credit card processing company for your startup/ business.

The reasons why the PC tech support is considered to be high risk are:

  • The transactions that happen are categorized as “card” and not “ present”

  • Chargebacks are apart from the business because the customers do dispute the charges and then ask for a refund.

  • The tech support business can be based in a country that is different from where the customers are located

When you get a merchant service provider who is willing to write your business it may not be safe. To get lower fees, rates you may risk activities that may be fraudulent on your merchant account as well as customers account. You will be charged higher rates because of the business is known to have huge chargebacks.

Accounts that are denied, shutoff or closed

It is important to know that just having a merchant account it does not mean that you can sell the services online. You need a gateway for payment through the payment processing companies.

These are a link between the merchant account and the e-commerce website.

Another major issue that is faced by this high-risk business is that the account may get denied by the credit card processors. This may happen because of:

  • If the business is a very high risk

  • If the business has high chargebacks

  • If the business has a poor credit history

Being a new business

You will find it even more difficult to get merchant account service provider if you have a start-up business. This is because the merchant service providers will be happy to serve those who have a strong credit card transaction record and history so that its own risk is reduced. Rates Vary by Startup vs History and if you are new to the PC technical support business than getting a merchant account is very difficult. This is even more because of your business is already in the high-risk category.

Understand rolling reserve for your PC technical support business

The rolling reserve percentage of the credit card transactions is kept as a reserve fund by the merchant account provider. This acts as a contingency fund and will be helpful for some time period to cover any frauds of huge chargebacks.

But if you are new to this business then even a small amount can affect your busyness in a big way. This is why it is important that you look for a merchant account provider who has No Rolling Reserve Requirements. The merchant account provider has dealt with the high-risk companies will be able to provide this option.

The high-risk business like the PC technical support can look to take services from the offshore merchant accounts as the domestic merchant account providers can be stringent and at times may even reject your application. But it is also important to know that the rates would be cheaper if you go to a domestic account provider who does the gateway setup for your business. They would also be able to provide better security.

A good merchant account service provider would have options for domestic as well as offshore accounts and you can thus choose what best suits your needs.

What do we offer to you?

We offer the best services and this is because we come with lots of experience working with companies in the computer repair service and tech support business. We also have tie-ups with the payment gateways and other payment processing companies.

You can fill in the online application form and your payment gateway will be processed for free. There are no other charges for PCI compliance and termination fees.

Whether you are a startup or an established one, have denied terminated accounts, high chargeback ratio, a merchant account with a bad credit score is into domestic or offshore business, we are there to offer our services to you.

Features that we offer to you

The list of the best features that we offer is:

  • We let you accept payments through credit cards from customers based around the world

  • The merchant account is secure and safe

  • Protects you and your customer from any fraudulent activities because our account is PCI DSS compliant

  • There is no rolling reserve requirement

  • The service is ideal for that business that does not have a card processing history

  • Competitive rates

  • The application form is very streamlined

  • Low fees for the merchant account

  • 24/7 customer support to handle any queries or complaints that you may have

So rely on us to take your business to the next level.

Possible High Risk Accounts

  • Online Gambling
  • Discount Clubs
  • Jewelry Sales
  • Memberships

  • Debt Consolidation
  • Computer Software
  • Computer Hardware
  • ISP/E-mail Services

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Herbal Products
  • Off Shore Accounts
  • Alcohol

  • High Volume Merchants
  • Magazines Subscriptions
  • Travel Companies
  • Third Party Merchant

  • Dating Services
  • Adult Membership
  • Mail Order Call Center
  • Telemarketing

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