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High Risk CC Processor for internet marketing firms, SEO, web designing companies , advertising and marketing


Merchant Account for Internet Marketing Firms, SEO, Web Design Companies, Advertising & Marketing

Merchant account

The bank account which facilitates the business to accept payments through debit and credit cards. It is the agreement between a merchant bank, a retailer and a payment processor.

Usually, when we make a purchase and pay using our debit or credit card, the merchant bank will make the payment to the retailer and later on transfer the money to the businesses.these transfers are done on a weekly and monthly basis. And when we are in the e-commerce business, then there is the need for an online merchant account for the concerned transactions.

Online merchants

The online merchants use the online merchant account for the transactions as the business is also in the same mode.while comparing with the usual merchant account the fees for the online account will be more as the risk associated with it is higher as the online payment is combined with a high-risk factor.

When there is an online credit card payment a payment gateway is required which authenticates the information on the credit card. But there are a few merchant vendors which don't require the payment gateway process.

Making merchant account with the same bank as for normal merchant accounts can help with the easier transaction and set up.

The concept of online business and their need for merchant banks

With the rapid growth of the online business, there is a need for online payment structures and terminals which facilitate the transactions. This poses a risk in such profiles and hence there is some analysis and understanding required by the businesses merchants to facilitate easy procedures.taking the internet marketing business, SEO, web designs and advertising the online platform has become the mode for the better reach for these. Though these are high risk, they are quicker in terms of working.An advice would be not to be denied, shut off, closed or declined when banks reject your offer for online merchant accounts. High-risk accounts are too good and much need for the current online businesses.

Need for online merchant accounts and how to choose them

An ideal merchant account is one that facilitates billing across many clients and account types, provide the analytics required for sales and optimize the use of resources and use tools like accounting and invoicing online. But providers working on long-term contracts, expensive equipment usage or any misleading price quotes should be avoided.

To choose the best merchant account for the online businesses a careful understanding of the different options and their procedures need to be learned well.the companies should offer services like business management tools, online invoicing, accounting integration, virtual terminal and other features which help the business to run the marketing and advertising business. They should be able to provide easy contracts with transparent pricing and good quality customer service. Each products services should be well researched and compared to choose the best.

High-risk merchant banks are startup friendly and they don’t necessarily have long procedures for credit history, hence it is an easy process.The application process is simply a benefit to the newcomers in this sector. The fees for these accounts have a variety of them put together, they are:

  • Application fees

  • Set up fees

  • Monthly fees

  • Discount rate

  • Per transaction fees

  • Cross-border fees

  • Rental fees for a credit card terminal.

  • Additional fees

Alternatives to merchant bank accounts

In spite of a booming growth of the online business opening a scope for the merchant banks, there are some competitors which provide for direct services to the business which fewer procedures for the transactions. These are discussed below:

  1. Paypal: this is the ultimate solution where all services are finely catered too. It doesn’t have a tedious checking procedure and this makes it more convenient for startups.there is a program which handles online fee per transaction rather than imparting monthly or weekly fees.

  2. Credit card reader: these are devices that can be plugged into mobiles or Ipads and offer completely free of charge services for the payments.So it becomes easy with no application fees.

Startup business procedures and tips:

When a new business is into the market it faces several, challenges and also the requirement of a merchant banker is a must for this to be credible and be best in the market.

Applying for an account and getting it approved can be an easy process if some points mentioned here are kept in mind

1. Know the type of business in terms of high risk or low risk.

2. The number of years into the line of business

3. Business history for any bankruptcies or losses

4. Whether the applicant had merchant accounts before

5. Personal credit history of the business owner.

Domestic and offshore options

There is no hard and fast rule in deciding to choose for domestic or offshore options for merchant coconuts. Some choose for domestic accounts and prefer simpler procedures and options. But if the local regulations are required then there will be an option for an offshore account in a region.The advantage of having an offshore account will help in handling multiple currency exchanges and exposing the business to a global ranking. But the method of registering for this type of account will be different from a domestic one.Therefore choose the best as per your requirement.

Our Services

We are one of the leading high-risk credit card payment processors to provide multiple merchant banking solutions to businesses at large. We have a very safe and secure environment for our clients and work on stipulated and friendly norms to offer the best service.

We have partnered with leading third-party offshore banks and other credit card processors in order to well reach to all the questions and concerns of our clients. We specialize in catering to business in internet marketing, SEO, web designing, advertising and marketing at large. This has been our focus and success in the last few years. We are a startup-friendly and cost- friendly solution with global access.

Our client reviews prove the quality of services we offer in this e-commerce sector. Read more by logging on to our webpage and apply for your esteemed support towards our venture.

Possible High Risk Accounts

  • Online Gambling
  • Discount Clubs
  • Jewelry Sales
  • Memberships

  • Debt Consolidation
  • Computer Software
  • Computer Hardware
  • ISP/E-mail Services

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Herbal Products
  • Off Shore Accounts
  • Alcohol

  • High Volume Merchants
  • Magazines Subscriptions
  • Travel Companies
  • Third Party Merchant

  • Dating Services
  • Adult Membership
  • Mail Order Call Center
  • Telemarketing

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